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Health & Sanitation

Of all the activities, the most challenging job of BMC is to provide city dwellers a healthy and clean city. For this, at the organisational level, the Safai Karmacharis have been goaded, guarded & guided on daily basis during Municipal Commissioner’s ward visit. The timely lifting of garbage is ensured.

BMC has prepared a Detailed Project Report (DPR) for management of solid waste in the Corporation area with a total project cost of Rs.23.68 Crores and the DPR has been projected to Central Pollution Control Board for availing central assistance. However , in the meanwhile BMC has achieved the following targets in its endeavour for improving the SWM system. With an objective to provide better sanitation service to it's citizens BMC has privatized Sanitation /Cleaning service in respect of 40 wards out of 60 wards.

List of Privatised Wards  

Sanitation Services

  • Segregation of Wastes at the Source of Generation.
  • House – to-house collection of Wastes.
  • Cleaning of roads.
  • Night cleaning on busy and important roads, market areas etc. 
  • Transportation of wastes from different areas up to the selected disposal site. 
  • Collection of wastes from a particular area/lane in a fixed time through wheel barrows/pedal bicycles etc.
  • Non-retention of wastes in a particular place for more than 24 hours.
Sanitation Services