1. 1 W-16 Manas Ranjan Dhala
  2. 2 Particulars of its organization, functions and duties
  3. 3 The composition of council, committees and other bodies, by whatever name called, constituted, if any
  4. 4 Minutes of proceedings of meetings of the council, committees and other bodies
  5. 5 A directory of its officers and employees
  6. 6 Powers delegated to the officers and servants of the corporation, if any, to grant concession, permit, license, or authorization for each activity
  7. 7 Audited financial statements consisting of a balance sheet, receipts and expenditure and cash flow statement prepared in the form and manner prescribed on at least half-yearly basis within two months of end of each such period
  8. 8 Internal Audit Report
  9. 9 Particulars of each of the service undertaken by it
  10. 10 Particulars of all plans, proposed expenditure, actual expenditure on major services provided or activities performed and reports on disbursement made
  11. 11 Details of subsidy programmes on major services provided or activities performed by it and details of beneficiaries of such programmes including the manner and criteria of identification of such beneficiaries
  12. 12 Particulars of the master plan, city development plan or any other development plan concerning to its area
  13. 13 Particulars of works as may be specified by notification, by the government, in the official gazette, together with information on the value of works, time of completion and details of contract
  14. 14 Particulars of taxes, fees, fines, rents and such other sums received by it under this act or otherwise and credited to the corporation fund in the previous year
  15. 15 The taxes, fees, fines, rents and any other sums that remain uncollected and the reasons thereof
  16. 16 Amount of tax assigned to it from out of any tax levied and collected by the government
  17. 17 Grants released by the central or state government for implementation of any scheme, project and plan assigned or entrusted to it and the nature and extent of utilization
  18. 18 Donation or contribution received, if any, from public or non-governmental agencies
  19. 19 BMC Annual Budget
  20. 20 Any permission or approval given for installation or eviction of any high-rise tower in government land or in private land and building with terms and conditions of such approval or permission
  21. 21 More Information
  22. 22 Final Booth List For ULB Election 2022
  23. 23 RTI
  24. 24 Acts, Rules & Policies
  25. 25 Corporator Details
  26. 26 List of Waterbodies in BMC Area
  27. 27 Final Voters List of BMC For ULB Election 2022
  28. 28 Affidavits Submitted By The Candidates For ULB Election 2022