One element under-scoring “Prayas” has been our firm belief in “Progress through Partnership”.

To accommodate our poor vendors in a manner which would enhance the city's looks, the concept of Vending Zone was mooted by BMC in December, 2006. The matter was discussed in City Management Group (CMG) meeting in the General Administration Department wherein representatives of all city stake holders- BDA, PWD, Police, NHAI, Forest Dept., IDCO were present. The idea was put forth, debated and accepted. It was in December,2006. BMC took the lead: corporators, Khyudra Vyavasayi Mahasangha (the local federation of vendors) and BMC officials started the exercise. The first vending zone was set up at Sishu Bhawan square and this set the ball rolling. Presently, there are 30 vending zones with 2000 vendors in different parts of the city.

While G.A. Dept. accords approval for the use of a particular patch of land suggested by BMC as a vending zone, the latter is careful in suggesting a patch not very far from the present vending place to avoid too much of dislocation for the poor vendors. Vendors are, thereafter, surveyed, listed & photographed. In no time the bamboo structures, all painted green with white letters conveying social messages, come up. At this stage, the entire cost is borne by the vendors. However, once a vending zone passes the six months litmus test i.e. it functions properly for the period it becomes eligible for iron structure of either 6'x6' or 8'x6' depending on space availability. An advertising agency then steps in which constructs the vending zone at its cost procuring advertising space atop the shops. This is a win-win situation for all— vendors, who get stability; financer who earns; and the city which get good looks. And all along, BMC acts as a facilitator. The process is on. A comprehensive database of vendors in the vending zone is being computerized and steps are afoot to issue identity cards to the vendors.