The Establishment department is the one stop area for various office set up and day to day function of the BMC office work. It deals with all general office work, RTI, Issues and Diary, education, medical and any other matter set up under the BMC office.

Roles and Functions
  • To deal with all general office matter
  • To deal with all medical, education and RTI matter related to BMC
  • To deal with all Issue and diary matter in BMC
  • To deal with all Pension and Deputation matter in BMC

The Roles and Functions of Establishment department is meant to build, install or setup in a position, permanently as well as which has been already established.

Sections under Establishment department
  • General
  • Medical
  • Vehicle
  • Education
  • Deputation
  • Pension
  • Conservancy
  • Issue & diary
  • RTI
The following are dealt within the Establishment sections
  • P.F
  • L.F.S
  • P.E & Non LFS
  • General and miscellaneous
  • Quarter allotment
  • Govt correspondence 
  • Appointments
  • Promotion
  • ACP (assured career progression)
  • RTI
  • GIA (grant In Aid)
  • Telephone Bill
  • Meetings
  • Grievance
  • Assembly questions
  • Disciplinary Proceeding
  • Ray Fixation
  • All issues of NMR/DLRs Including E.P.F
  • All others services related matters for all employees of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation
Main Responsibilities
  • The department deals with all office matter set up in BMC
  • To deal will all general and issue, diary matter in BMC