The GoI-UNDP climate risk management through disaster preparedness and mitigation project is being implemented by Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation in Bhubaneswar with the technical guidance of Odisha State Disaster Management Authority. The Objective of project is to reduce disaster risk in urban areas by enhancing institutional capacities and to integrate climate risk reduction measures in development programmes as well as to undertake mitigation activities based on scientific analyses and to enhance community capacities to mange Climate risk in urban areas by enhancing the preparedness. The key outcomes of the project are as follows:

  • City Disaster Management Plans
  • Hazard Risk and Vulnerability Analysis
  • Communities in 67 wards trained to respond to disasters
  • Action plan to strengthen Early Warning Systems based on analytical studies
  • Sectoral plans in each of the city to mainstream DRR and Climate Change Adaptation in development programmes.
  • Knowledge Management

The project is promoting the principles of equity, social inclusion and women’s empowerment. The HRVA studies will identify the gender vulnerabilities. Similarly the ward level response plans and CDMPs will address gender issues while planning for response and preparedness. The mitigation plan would provide adequate measures to promote gender equity and empowerment.

Progress of the Project by December-2014

  • Inception workshop organized with the participation of key stakeholders of the city/state to share the project details before implementation.
  • 50 Wards level volunteers, NGO representatives and Community Organizers were trained on preparation of Ward Disaster Management Plan.
  • 33 Teachers, Engineers, and Medical Staffs of Bhubaneswar city trained the UNISDR and UNHABITAT Toolkit on School and Hospital Safety.
  • 100 Civil Defence volunteers trained on Collapsed Structure Search and Rescue.
  • 50 Civil Defence Volunteers trained on Crowd Management during disaster.
  • State level workshops organized on Mainstreaming Disaster Management and Climate Change Adaptation.
  • State level intercity learning workshop on Climate Risk Management in urban areas through Disaster preparedness and mitigation organized for the Executive Officers of Municipalities and NACs.
  • Slogan and Essay competition on Disaster Management and Climate Change Adaptation was organized among the students of 10 schools of Bhubaneswar city.
  • City level Exhibition –cum –Workshop on Disaster Management and Climate Change was organized for the school students.
  • A review was done on the existing City Disaster Management Plan and the review report shared with the key stakeholders of Bhubaneswar city.
  • Consultation with City level Officers on Preparation of City Disaster Management Plan.
  • 30 Officers of Bhubaneswar City trained on Incident Response System.
  • A survey was made by TARU the leading Edge an International Agency on Early Warning system in Bhubaneswar City and the report of the study shared with the stakeholders of the Bhubaneswar City.
  • Hazard Risk Vulnerability Assessment of Bhubaneswar city is being conducted by RMSI
  • State level workshop was organized on Climate Risk Management in Urban areas through Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation inviting Commissioners of Municipal Corporation, Executive Officers of Municipalities and NACs and State level Officers.
  • 227 Anganwadi Workers of Bhubaneswar City trained on First Aid.
  • 25 Ward Disaster Management Plans of Bhubaneswar city prepared by BMC
  • 150 NCC and Scout Students trained on Disaster survival Skill
Trained Volunteers/personals in BBBSr on Disaster Management Volunteers :