Bhubaneswar deserves to be beautiful

Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa deserves to be beautiful and a major tourist attraction. With this belief, BMC has sought partnership with all corporate houses, govt. undertakings, private mining agencies, hotels and restaurants. Everybody must contribute to the Mission Green Drive of BMC. Stretches along roads and important squares are identified and assigned to various institutions for development of green patches & good lighting. Lo & behold ! BMC's appeal has evoked amazing response in a year's time. Several institutions, being enthused by the prompt facilitating support of BMC, have extended helping hands and today we have several big and small, patches, either developed or in the process of development. BMC gratefully acknowledges the wonderful support of such “partners in progress”-

Greening and lighting worth Rs.5 Crores are currently being carried out by our partners with facilitating supports of BMC.

In line with Mission Green Drive, BMC came upon a novel idea of city beautification through painting the walls of the city in colorful patterns dwelling on Orissa's rich cultural flavour. Around 20 institutions/individuals have funded a group of talented artists with Rs. 30 lakhs for the entire exercise. “To bring Orissa to the Capital City is our aim” says one of the artists. Bills, posters and slogans are gone from the walls; instead, the beautiful wall painting is giving the city a cheerful look. “The city has a very festive ambience now”, said a Hyderabad based ASCI staff. All along, BMC stood behind the artists, so that not only the right designs were put up but the poor artists, too, could earn Rs.200/250 per day from the exercise.

Beautification of market building area, popularly known as unit-II market, is investing around Rs.80 lakhs is the talk of the town. Floor tiling, ornamental lighting, choicest plantation, systematic parking and good sitting arrangements have brought a total transformation much to the pleasure of hundreds of people thronging the market everyday. Capital market Association has partnered with BMC in this development process.